El treball desenvolupat en el projecte de recerca PROHABIT ha donat lloc a aquestes publicacions


Madrazo, L. The Social Construction of a Neighbourhood Identity. Open House International, Special issue “Urban Performance between the Imagined, the Measured, and the Experienced”, vol. 44, n. 1.
Març, 2019

Madrazo, L., Martín Cojo, Á. & Hernández , M.  Making Neighbourhoods Resilient: The Social Construction of an Identity. 11th International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU) Congress: Reframing Urban Resilience Implementation: Aligning Sustainability and Resilience
Barcelona, 10-12 Desembre, 2018

Madrazo, L., Martín Cojo, Á., Hernández, M. & Salgado, M. PROHABIT: MAPPER. A system to support a multidisciplinary and participatory analysis of lived space. 3rd City Street conference
Beirut(Líban), 31 Octubre – 3 Novembre, 2018

Madrazo, L. & Martín Cojo, Á. Identifying bonds between people and spaces: a study of three neighbourhoods in Barcelona. 4th Global Dwelling Conference
Volos (Grècia), 21 Setembre, 2018

Madrazo, L., Martín Cojo, Á., Castrechini, A. & Pol, E. An interdisciplinary research on the relationships between social and physical structures in urban development: the case of three neighbourhoods in Barcelona. AMPS conferences "Health: The Design, Planning and Politics of How and Where We Live"
Bristol (Regne Unit), 25-27 Gener, 2018